IMG ECM-40 Measurement Condenser Microphone

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IMG ECM-40 Measurement Condenser Microphone

Universal electret condensor microphone, with linear frequency response.
For measuring systems and audio recordings
Supplied with frequency graph


Impedance Matching
The electronics in the SF-24 provide a perfect load to the ribbon elements at all times, allowing the microphone to deliver 100% of its full sonic potential regardless of the input characteristics of the following mic-pre. Due to its low-impedance output, SF-24's can also be used on extremely long cable runs with minimal signal loss.

A good impedance match is critical to ribbon microphones. Impedance mis-matching loads a ribbon improperly, resulting in loss of low end, diminished body, lowered sensitivity and an overall compromised performance. With our Active Series ribbon mics, the ribbon element sees a perfect impedance at all times, regardless of the preamp you use, so its performance will never be compromised by the effects of improper loading. In addition, the ribbon element cannot be damaged by phantom power, electrical glitches or miswired cables.


    * Phantom powered circuitry provides high output and impedance matching
    * True stereophonic (Blumlein and M-S) recording from one microphone
    * High SPL capabilities
    * No distortion up to maximum SPL rating<
    * Extremely low residual noise
    * Ribbon elements are not affected by heat or humidity
    * Absence of high frequency phase distortion
    * Equal sensitivity from front or back of elements
    * Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
    * High efficiency, matching toroidal transformers
    * Very low magnetic leakage


    *  Acoustic Operating Principle: Electrodynamic pressure gradient with active electronics
    * Polar Pattern: Crossed figure-8's
    * Generating Element: 1.8-micron aluminum ribbon
    * Frequency Response: 40-15,000 Hz +/- 2dB
    * Sensitivity: -38 dB (re. 1v/pa +/-1dB)
    * Self-Noise: < 18 dB
    * Output Impedance: 200 Ohms
    * Rated Load Impedance: 1K-Ohm
    * Maximum SPL: >130dB
    * Output Connector: Male XLR 5 pin (stereo*)
    * Power Requirements: 48-Volt Phantom Only
    * Supply Current: 4 mA per channel
    * Dimensions: 270mm X 39mm (base) X 25mm (top) (10 5/8" X 1.5" X 1")
      Weight: 583 grams (20.5 oz)
    * Finish: Optical Black, 18K Gold (optional)